Discover Brighton’s Cultural Quarter


15 mins

0.5 km

By Conor Kelly

A short but fun fact-filled tour of Brighton’s Cultural Quarter! Expect to see a beautiful Indian inspired palace, wonderful gardens and some of the most iconic landmarks not only in Brighton but in the UK!

6 stops

15 mins

0.5 km






  • 1
    Brighton Dome
    The Brighton Dome is one of the most impressive entertainment and arts venues in the country
  • 2
    Theatre Royal
    One of the oldest and most distinguished theatres in the country
  • 3
    Pavilion Gardens
    The beautiful public gardens surround the Royal Pavilion
  • 4
    Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
    The museum’s diverse collections combine arts and history
  • 5
    Royal Pavilion
    One of the most extraordinary landmarks in the UK - an Indian Style Palace in Brighton
  • 6
    India Gate
    The southern entrance to the Royal Pavilion estate


6 reviews
25 May 2019

Amazingly Good tour!!!

Mario Borza
14 Sep 2018

Excellent tour! It was so interesting to hear that many unknown stories about Brighton’s Cultural Quarter!

Veronica Lilevman
14 Sep 2018

I really enjoyed this tour, especially the history around the Royal Pavilion, which I never knew about. Look forward to listening to your next tour

Tom Durrant
11 Sep 2018

Jan Niyazi
29 Aug 2018

Lovely area of Brighton, so much to do and so much to see! Amazing tour!

Sofia Azizullah
27 Aug 2018

Well thought through and informative tour! X

Discover Brighton’s Cultural Quarter