Brixton with Daughter and Dad

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49 mins

1.6 km

By Edwin Lerner

Join us on this fascinating tour of Brixton, one of the most vibrant and colourful boroughs of London. We are a genuine Brixton’s father-daughter duo, I am a Blue Badge tourist guide Eddie Lerner, accompanied by my lovely daughter Julia. We will show you all of our favourite spots in Brixton, from David Bowie’s mural, the Fridge where the Pet Shop Boys, the Smiths and Grace Jones used to playing, take you to Will Smith’s favourite Pizza place and shows you where Nelson Mandela got to experience the full extent of Brixton people’s love for him. That an much more. Shall we begin?

17 stops

49 mins

1.6 km


Electric Avenue


Ritzy Cinema

Brixton Market

Will Smith

Nelson Mandela

Street Murals

David Bowie



South London

  • 1
    Brixton Tube Station
    We being the tour in the middle of Brixton, just outside the tube station.
  • 2
    David Bowie Mural
    Paying tribute to Brixton’s most famous son.
  • 3
    Lambeth Town Hall
    The history behind Brixton’s tallest building
  • 4
    The Electric (The Fridge)
    This new music venue is a reincarnation of the famous Fridge club
  • 5
    Saint Matthew’s Church
    Brixton’s largest church - one of four named after the apostles
  • 6
    Windrush Square
    Brixton’s open space, named after the Windrush ship, and the history of people of colour in Brixton
  • 7
    Sir Henry Tate
    A bust of the man who brought the sugar cubes to Britain
  • 8
    The Ritzy Cinema
    Brixton’s famous movie house, and a memory of the days when theatre ruled
  • 9
    The Prince of Wales
    An iconic music pub in the centre of the borough
  • 10
    The Railway Tavern
    A historic pub with a famous clock on top, and the story behind it
  • 11
    Brixton Railway Station
    Statues and murals at Brixton’s station
  • 12
    Brixton Recreation Centre (ROC)
    Where Nelson Mandela felt the love of Brixton’s people
  • 13
    Michael John’s Mural
    Brixton’s biggest wall painting - of the man who looks after the loos
  • 14
    Brixton Market
    Wander around the market where Will Smith went
  • 15
    Carlton Mansions
    Sadly empty one of Brixton’s oldest buildings with a famous mural
  • 16
    Electric Avenue
    The market street made famous by an Eddy Grant song
  • 17
    Brixton Speaks
    Tribute to Brixton’s talkers by local writer Will Self


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14 Jan 2023
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Brixton with Daughter and Dad

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